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worldwide project management

Identification of product and cost analysis of data package

Definition of requirements and timing 

Check of completeness

Strategy selection



Product identification and definition considering customer demands

Completeness: Data requirement review and data gap identification. Timing and cost of analysis of data package

Strategy: Strategy customization for each client taking into account their demands  and availabilities, allowing our customers to introduce their products in the market as quickly and as economically as possible


Due diligence before a purchase process or in a change of management body by examining in detail the different areas of the company to determine if it complies with its obligations with 'due diligence' and there are no substantial legal risks arising from its activity. Keeping the confidentiality of our clients. 


Selection of contract laboratories according to the studies required by country: Contact with the laboratories with the aim to provide support during all stages of physical-chemical, toxicological and environmental tests and efficacy trials. Adapt the studies to the specific needs by zone and for product or active ingredient

Management , supporting and monitoring  key studies: in order to prevent unncesary investments , We support and design  the trials with the labs., time schedule for study conduction and dossier preparation. Assistance on any decisions along the study and critical review of the final report.


Expert statement, literature research  and Risk refinement: considering the risk assesment we develop the expert statement and  we execute the search of literature


Preparation and submission documents: Preparation of dossiers for biopesticides (Microorganisms, botanical extracts and semiochemicals) and develop the registration data requirements 

Reviewing and commenting of authorities‘ assessments at national level-Expert. Discussions and negotiations with authorities

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