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BioRegulatory Services, S.L. is a global regulatory company that understands the new challenges farmers are facing due to consumers demand and regulatory authorities.


Our mission is to enable biological solutions providers for agriculture to bring their biopesticides to the market.


You have a good product but do not know what to do, how or where to register and what investment to make in research. 

Our Team

BioRegulatory Services, S.L. has an active multidisciplinary team with more than 30 years of experience in pesticide registration and defense of active substances in the EU and internationally.


This experience in the sector places BioRegulatory Services in an advantageous position for the registration of Biological products in the EU as well as in the USA, Australia, Africa, and South America, providing the necessary innovation and technical support in each of the registration stages.

BioRegulatory Services, S.L. currently has projects open on 5 continents, providing technical and local assistance to clients in countries where the registration of Biological products is transforming current Agriculture.

BioRegulatory Services, S.L., gives support in projects H2020, CDTI, etc, of which its clients are part.


Bioregulatory Services, S.L., analyses your products and provides you the best registration alternatives.

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